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Bipartisan proposals in House would mean major changes for the way tech giants operate – Washington Post (6/11/2021)

European consumer group joins EU antitrust case against Apple – Reuters (5/2/2021)

Why Spotify’s Horacio Gutierrez thinks Apple Behaves Like A Monopolist  – The Verge (5/1/2021)

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The Monopolist Worm in Apple (Opinion) –Wall Street Journal (5/17/2021)

Antitrust Commission sends Statement of Objections to Apple on App Store rules for music streaming providers – Press Release, European Commission (4/30/2021)

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Senators skewer Apple, Google over App Store practices – Axios (4/21/2021)

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Oral Testimony of Horacio Gutierrez, Head of Global Affairs & Chief Legal Officer, Spotify – U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights (4/21/2021)

Apple Probed by U.K. as App Store Payments Scrutiny Mounts – Bloomberg (3/4/2021)

Apple’s biggest App Store critics are not impressed with its new fee cut for small developers – The Verge (11/18/2020)

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Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee Investigation Reveals Digital Economy Highly Concentrated, Impacted By Monopoly Power Press Release, House Committee on Judiciary (10/6/2020)

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Microsoft sides with Apple critics in adopting new app store principles – Reuters (10/8/2020)

Leading App Developers Form The Coalition for App Fairness to Promote Competition and Protect Innovation on Digital Platforms – Press Release, Coalition for App Fairness (9/24/2020)

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The company behind Fortnite dared Apple to shutter its game on iPhones. Now Apple has gone ahead and sort of done that – ReCode (8/13/20)

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Apple’s App Store commission structure called into question in antitrust hearings – Tech Crunch (7/29/20)

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Telegram files EU antitrust complaint against Apple’s App Store – Financial Times (7/29/20)

Antitrust Commission opens investigations into Apple’s App Store rules – Press Release, European Commission (6/16/20)

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Spotify CEO Expects Apple to Further Open Up Its Platform – Bloomberg (5/5/20)

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Why the Spotify antitrust complaint against Apple is crucial for European digital SMEs – European Digital SME Alliance (12/18/2019)

Inside Our Apple App Store Ordeal – The Information (12/9/19)

Siri Comes to Spotify on iOS 13 Amid Anti-Trust Concerns – Fortune (10/8/19)

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Apple’s Default iPhone Apps Give It Growing Edge Over App Store Rivals – Bloomberg (10/2/19)

How Apple Stacked the App Store With Its Own Products – The New York Times (9/9/19)

How Apple uses its App Store to copy the best ideas – The Washington Post (9/5/19) 

Apple Dominates App Store Search Results, Thwarting Competitors – The Wall Street Journal (7/23/19)

Apple’s Latest Defense Against Spotify Criticisms Again Misses the Point – The Motley Fool (6/25/19)

Apple cites irrelevant Spotify subscription stats in new antitrust defense – The Verge (6/24/19) 

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Apple makes a lot of money out of our apps – Financial Times (6/7/19)

Even Apple’s ex-head of app reviews says App Store is unfair to Spotify, Netflix – CNET (5/29/19)

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Apple’s latest defense of the App Store just shows how hard it is to compete with Apple – The Verge (5/29/19)

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In setback for Apple, U.S. Supreme Court lets App Store antitrust suit proceed – Reuters (5/13/19)

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Brussels poised to probe Apple over Spotify’s fees complaint – Financial Times (5/5/19) 

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Why Does Apple Control Its Competitors? Regulators should take a close look at the iPhone App Store – New York Times Editorial Board (5/2/19)

Apple Cracks Down on Apps that Fight iPhone Addiction – New York Times (4/27/19)

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Schibsted becomes latest publisher to back Spotify’s feud with Apple – Digiday (4/16/19)

Apple Now Faces 3 Separate Antitrust Accusations In Europe: Spotify, Kaspersky, and The Netherlands – Forbes (4/11/19)

Apple Faces Dutch Antitrust Probe Over Favoring Its Own Apps – Bloomberg (4/11/19)

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Changes to EU antitrust enforcement on Big Tech urged – Financial Times (4/3/19)

Apple News+ accused of violating App Store guidelines – Cult of Mac (3/28/19)

We are taking Spotify’s complaint against Apple seriously, says EU Competition CommissionerCNBC (3/28/19)

The squeeze of monopolistic platforms – Axios (3/27/19)

Apple’s push into subscriptions raises new competition concerns, antitrust experts sayThe Washington Post (3/26/19)

Spotify’s antitrust complaint against Apple over the ‘app tax’ is well founded – Inc. (3/19/19)

Kaspersky Lab files antitrust complaint against Apple alleging monopolistic App Store policies – 9to5Mac (3/19/19)

Spotify Responds to Apple’s Response Over App Store Flap, Calls Company a ‘Monopolist’ – Variety (3/15/19)

Euro Publishers back Spotify complaint against Apple – Advanced Television (3/15/19)

Deezer and Anghami back Spotify’s Apple antitrust complaintMusic Ally (3/14/19)

Spotify’s Apple Music Complaint Was a Near Decade in the Making – Bloomberg (3/13/19)

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